June 9, 2017


Dear Board of Education and Patrons; 

It has been an honor to serve the Hume R-8 School District as the superintendent.  The community has cause to be proud of the academic achievements of our students.  For the past few years we have had a wall of fame where the names of students that score proficient or advanced on any of the end of course or MAP assessments get their name and picture placed on the wall.  In 2011 we had forty-two names on the wall.  In 2012 we had fifty-four names on the wall and in 2016 we had seventy-eight names being placed on the wall. Our teachers work diligently to prepare all students for the assessments so that no student scores below basic on any assessment.  I have been asked why this is such a big deal, and I can give you the answer.  Our school district earns the majority of the points required for accreditation based on the academic achievement of our students.  A below basic score is worth 1 point.  A basic score is worth 3 points. A proficient score is worth 4 points and an advanced score is worth 5 points.  Some of the other areas that earn points toward accreditation are attendance, upper level courses, graduation rates, college and career readiness, and dual credit courses.

            Each year the Board of Education reviews the progress and effectiveness of the learning programs in the district.  As time passes and our world changes, the learning requirements change.  Teachers and students alike are aware of the increased expectations of the students.  It would be easy to reflect on our own educational experience and say, “I didn’t learn that until…” and now the timing of when skills are learned has been accelerated.  Because of our community preschool, we have several students that start their kindergarten year already reading words and short stories.  Some of the math skills that were learned in seventh and eighth grades are learned in fourth grade.  In the next few years all eighth grade students will be required to take algebra for their math class.  Problem solving and small group collaboration will become a common skill learned in elementary classes and practiced throughout high school.

In the next year all students that take End of Course and MAP assessments must be able to understand the functions of a computer well enough to read articles on their computer and write an essay using information from their reading as part of their communication arts assessment.  We now have  lap top computers in classrooms for every student in grades three through eight.  Teachers continue to prepare activities for students to practice developing the skills needed for success.

            In June of 2013 the district began to address some of the repairs and up dates to the building and grounds.  Issues that were addressed were getting all of the elementary classes into the main building and removing the mobile classroom.  This was accomplished by building a new library that has enough space for students to sit and read while in the library.  The new library also has enough space to accommodate our music classes.  Several classrooms were relocated to make better use of the space available.  The computer lab was moved into the old music room and the old library was made into two classrooms. 

            Temporary walls that divided the math room and the social studies room from the lunch room were removed and concrete walls with fire resistant doors were built in order to better secure those two rooms.

            The other major project was the bleachers in the gymnasium.  For some time we had difficulty rolling the bleachers in and out.  The bleachers were inspected by two different companies and found that while the bleachers were the best available when they were installed twenty-two years ago, they had many major parts worn out or broken. We also needed to do something to make the walkways safer for our guest.  The Board of Education looked into repairs and up grades to the steps including adding handrails.  The Board learned  that it was more cost effective to replace the bleachers. The new bleachers have built-in locations to accommodate our handicapped guest and safer steeps with handrails.  The new bleachers have a walkway on each end and one in the center.

             This past year security locking systems were installed in all of our classrooms and most of our office areas, and staff members have been trained to secure their doors within just a few seconds.

            There is still one project that I wanted to get accomplished before I finished my time in our school.  Now, my time is up, but the project still needs to be done.  There needs to be a storm or safe shelter built onto or into our building.  It is never a waste of time or money when it comes to keeping our kids and staff safe.

            We have the most dedicated and qualified staff that I have ever worked with.  They are not here just for a job and certainty not for the money, but because they believe in what the Hume School District does for our students.   

            The time has come for me to leave the district and spend whatever time God has left for me in this life, with my wife and family. May God continue to bless this community and it's school.


Thank you for the memories,


David Quick

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