Hume R-VIII Mission Statement:  

 “Educating and training today; embracing 

tomorrow’s opportunities.”

– The Hume School will remained locked until 3:25pm each day for student safety. –

                  Photo left to right:  Back Row:  Dalton Hess, Makinzi Harris, Kennidi Harris,                                                                            Play tickets are $14 each. For tickets, contact Melody Wikoff @ 
                  Nikolas White, Jonathan Kellhofer, Harrison Wepener, Braxton Wikoff, Tommy Sutcliffe.                                            660-643-7411 or talk to Jaylyn Rogers, Deborah Yarick, Layknn Moore, 
                  Front Row:  Hannah Pippin, Timmy Margrave, Rebekah Yarick, Layknn Moore,                                                        Dalton Hess, Jonathan Kellhofer, or Hannah Pippin for more information.
                  Jaylyn Rogers, Deborah Yarick, Cassidy Rogers Not pictured:  Director, Jaleana Wehar.

Important Upcoming Events & Announcements
    •Monday, March 25th @ 6 AM: Jr. High STEAM Event at UCMO
                                        @ 8 AM: 10th Grade Job Shadowing
                                        @ 4:30 PM: HS BB/SB at Lockwood - SB @ 5PM
    •Tuesday, March 26th @ 6:30 AM: MSSU Regional Science Fair
                                        @ 6 PM: Elementary B-ball at Bronaugh
    •Wednesday, March 27th @ 5 PM: Read from the Start PAT
    •Thursday, March 28th: Spring Athletic Pictures (Elem. B-ball, Elem. Cheer, HS Baseball/Softball)
                                        @ 4 PM: HS BB/SB vs NEVC
    •Friday, March 29th: Linn Tech Campus Tour
    •March 29 - March 30: HS BB and SB Tournament @ Montrose
    •Monday, April 1st @ 6 PM: Elem. B-ball vs NEVC
    •Tuesday, April 2nd @ 8 AM: ACT Test for Juniors and Seniors in the FACS room 
                                         @ 12 PM - 7:45 PM: GVVC Band Concert @ Cottey College
    •Wednesday, April 3rd @ 4:00 PM: HS SB/BB vs Sheldon
    •Thursday, April 4th from 3 PM - 8:30 PM: Conference Quiz Bowl @ Miami
                                          @ 4:30 PM: HS SB vs Miami
    •Saturday April 6 @ 6 PM: HS School Play (must have tickets)
    •Sunday, April 7 @ 1 PM: HS School Play (must have tickets)
    •Monday, April 8 @ 3 PM: Wichita State University Visit in the Multi
    •Tuesday, April 9 @ 4 PM: HS BB/SB vs Rich Hill

Current fundraisers:
    •8th Grade: Peculiar Spices (ends on 4/3/19)
    •Seniors: Community Cookbooks ($5 each)
    •After Prom: Candy Bars

Book Fair Dates: 4/8/19 to 4/12/19  

PLEASE CHECK the Activity Calendar for more events.

–If you have any concerns regarding Title IX and Section 504, Homelessness, or information regarding children in need of foster care, please contact Colby Sisson @ 660-643-7411.

–Anyone interested in applying for substitute food service position in kitchen; please contact OPAA! Manager Janet Nelson at 660-679-1534.

–Parents please look at Notes to Parents – to access, click Notes to Parents on the bottom of the left sidebar. Any important notices for parents will be found here.

Please send pictures of school events to 
[email protected] for the webpage. Thank you!!

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