Hume R-VIII Mission Statement:  

 “Educating and training today; embracing 

tomorrow’s opportunities.”

– The Hume School will remained locked until 3:25pm each day for student safety. –

2019-2019 Hume Honor Roll

ELEMENTARY                                                          HIGH SCHOOL

Ryland Austin – A, 1st and 2nd                                    Esmeralda Franklin - A, 1st and 2nd

Michael Dale – A, 1st and 2nd                                     Samuel Margrave – A, 1st and 2nd

Tenley Hemphill – A, 1st and 2nd                                        Beriah Morrison – A/B, 1st; A, 2nd

Chesney Kimbrough – A, 1st and 2nd                               Brecklen Morrison – A/B, 1st; A, 2nd

Coabyn Nation – A, 1st and 2nd                                          Bryson Morrison – A/B, 2nd

Jake Snyder – A, 1st and 2nd                                               Brileigh Rogers – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Blayklee Stigall – A, 1st and 2nd                                         McCrae Rogers – A, 1st; A/B, 2nd

Zaney Terry – A, 1st and 2nd                                                Emily Wadel – A/B, 1st; A, 2nd

Blaze Bradley – A, 1st and 2nd                                            Andrew Wepener – A, 1st; A/B, 2nd

Amelia Brooks – A, 1st and 2nd                                           Etienne Wepener – A, 1st and 2nd

Daytona Brown – A, 1st; A/B, 2nd                                       John Armentrout – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Veronica Gwinn – A/B, 1st and 2nd                                    Darah Crawford – A, 1st and 2nd

Lincoln Lewis – A, 1st and 2nd                                             Samantha Davidson – A/B, 2nd

Noel Palms – A/B, 1st and 2nd                                    Noah Ducharme – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Annabelle Patrick – A, 1st and 2nd                                    Abigail Harris – A, 1st and 2nd

Bridleigh Rogers – A, 1st and 2nd                                     Braydon Cannon – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Rhyder Rushing – A, 1st and 2nd                                      Olivia Fillpot – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Macie Terry – A, 1st; A/B, 2nd                                            Riley Heckadon – A/B, 1st

Gavin Conrad – A, 1st and 2nd                                          Kaitlyn Kaiser – A/B, 1st

Sylvia Ducharme – A, 1st; A/B, 2nd                                 Timothy Margrave – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Riley Hinton – A, 1st and 2nd                                            Peyton McFrederick – A, 1st; A/B, 2nd

Alexis Holland – A/B, 2nd                                         Thomas Sutcliffe – A, 1st; A/B, 2nd

Kyleigh Hubbard – A, 1st and 2nd                                  Rebekah Yarick – A, 1st and 2nd

Coleman Nation – A, 1st and 2nd                                   Kearston Davenport – A/B, 1st

Charlee Brown – A/B, 1st; A, 2nd                                   Kennidi Harris – A, 1st and 2nd

Meilah Corp – A/B, 2nd                                                     Makinzi Harris – A, 1st and 2nd

Zoe Miller – A, 1st                                                               Braelynn Morrison – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Addisen Rushing – A, 1st and 2nd                                Cassidy Rogers – A, 1st and 2nd

Dane Schmid – A/B, 2nd                                                  Harrison Wepener – A, 1st and 2nd

Caiden Cooke – A/B, 1st and 2nd                                 Braxton Wikoff – A/B, 1st; A, 2nd

Jasmine Pattison – A, 1st and 2nd                                Dalton Hess – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Baileigh Rogers – A, 1st and 2nd                                  Jonathan Kellhofer – A, 1st and 2nd

Johnny Vasquez – A/B, 1st and 2nd                            Layknn Moore – A, 1st and 2nd

Madelyn Byrd – A/B, 1st                                                  Hannah Pippin – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Alissa Cooke – A/B, 1st and 2nd                                   Jaylyn Rogers – A, 1st and 2nd

Sadie Davis – A/B, 1st and 2nd                                     Deborah Yarick – A, 1st and 2nd

Baylee Heckadon – A/B, 1st and 2nd                          Katlyn Brooks – A, 1st and 2nd

Evie-Lyn Lewis – A, 1st and 2nd                                   Hannah Gorda – A, 1st and 2nd

Talya McFrederick – A/B, 1st and 2nd                        Jaelynn Moore – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Kaylee Shryer – A, 1st and 2nd                                    Sidnee Moore – A/B, 1st  

Karys Crawford – A, 1st and 2nd                                 Dylan Nicholas – A/B, 1st and 2nd

Joseph Dale – A/B, 1st                                                   Austin Shepherd – A, 1st and 2nd

Nathaniel Harris – A, 1st and 2nd                                Coltin Shepherd – A/B, 2nd

Lane Irwin – A, 1st                                                     

Megan Margrave – A, 1st and 2nd               

Vaughn Vasquez – A, 1st and 2nd              

Kyrsten White – A, 1st and 2nd                       


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Hume R-VIII School District

Notice of Nondiscrimination 

The District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, disability, age, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: 

    District Compliance Officer:

             Mr. Colby Sisson, Principal

            Hume R-VIII School District

            9163 SW 2nd Street

            Hume, MO  64752


The District’s policy and procedures detailing the District’s Prohibition Against Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation are set forth in Board of Education Policy & Regulation 1300.  District Board of Education Policies can be found on the District’s website and/or available in the District’s Central Office. 

For further information about anti-discrimination laws and regulations, or to contact the Office for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Education (OCR) regarding the District’s compliance with anti-discrimination laws and regulations, please contact OCR at One Petticoat Lane, 1010 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Suite 320, Missouri 64106, (816) 268-0550 (voice), or (877) 521-2172 (telecommunications device for the deaf), or [email protected].


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–If you have any concerns regarding Title IX and Section 504, Homelessness, or information regarding children in need of foster care, 
please contact Colby Sisson @ 660-643-7411.

–Anyone interested in applying for substitute food service position in kitchen; please contact OPAA! Manager Janet Nelson at 660-679-1534.

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