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Hume Elementary students (grades 1-6) recently participated in the GVVC Spelling Bee at NEVC on March 6, 2018.
We had 4 students make it to the final round in first grade, second grade, third grade, and fourth grade.
Gavin Conrad got 2nd place in the 1st grade division.
Addisen Rushing got 3rd place in the 2nd grade division.
Baileigh Roger got 3rd place in the 3rd grade division.
Talya McFrederick got 1st place in the 4th grade division. 

The participants were from left to right:
(Front Row) Cameron Osborn 2nd grade, Gavin Conrad 1st grade, Sylvia Ducharme 1st grade, Riley Hinton 1st grade, Addisen Rushing 2nd grade, Charlee Brown 2nd grade
(Middle Row) Caiden Cooke 3rd grade, JoJoe Vasquez 3rd grade, Evie-Lyn Lewis 4th grade, Lane Irwin 5th grade
(Back Row) Alissa Cooke 4th grade, Talya McFrederick 4th grade, Vaughn Vasquez 5th grade, Megan Margrave 5th grade, Bryson Morrison 6th grade, Baileigh Rogers 2nd grade, Esmerelda Franklin 6th grade
(Very Back in the Middle) Etienne Wepener