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Ms. Harter - 6th Grade

Miss Harter’s 6th Grade Class


Welcome to November and Happy Thanksgiving month! This year has been a wonderful experience so far, and we have a yet another very exciting month headed our way! We are finishing our unit on Chemistry and will be starting a new unit on the Earth where we will learn about subjects such as natural resources, weather, and our atmosphere. In Math, we will switch from multiplying and dividing fractions to multiplying and dividing decimals. The kids have liked and done a great job working with fractions, so I know that they will continue to do well with decimals! In English, we will begin reviewing nouns and start learning about writing that compares. For Reading, we are transitioning from a unit on the Holocaust and will be learning about informational texts. This unit will include lessons such as how to properly read informational texts, how text features are useful, and understanding general themes and ideas from the text. Lastly, we will continue learning about early civilizations such as the Indus River Valley and the Huang He River Valley in Social Studies. These lessons will include a couple projects based on the unique cultures of these civilizations and will focus on using multiple sources to find information.

I am looking forward to seeing parents at conferences and discussing your wonderful kiddos! These 6thgraders have been working hard at becoming prepared for junior high, and I know they will continue to work hard. I can’t wait to see how far they all continue to grow the rest of the school year!


Important dates:

11/9 – Parent/Teacher Conferences (4-7PM)

11/10 – Veteran’s Day Assembly (1PM)

11/16 – Picture Retakes/Winter Sports Pictures

11/22-24 – NO SCHOOL! (Thanksgiving Break)


-Miss Harter