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Ms. Harter - 6th Grade

Spring Break is almost upon us! February seemed to fly by; between Valentine’s Day, a snow day, and the District Basketball Tournament, we were a busy bunch! With the weather warming up, everyone is getting eager for the end of the semester, but your 6th graders are working hard and have a wonderful attitude as we’re preparing for MAP Testing!

As prep for the MAP Test, we are continuing our work with Study Island. This wonderful resource has become a fun challenge for the kiddos as they are able to push themselves to meet their individual goals. Many of them even like to get back on and practice their skills in “game mode” once they have completed all of their work! What a wonderful thing for a teacher to see: students wanting extra practice! This month in Math, we will finish up our unit on Geometry and be tested over area, volume, and surface area. After we come back from Spring Break, we will begin our final unit on Statistics and Probability.

 In ELA, we will be reading poetry and persuasive nonfiction focusing on figurative language, major themes and ideas, point of view, and evaluating evidence. In addition to reading, we will practice writing responses to literature. The focus for this writing unit will be on having an organized paper with a clear introduction, main points, and conclusion, as well as using text evidence to support points and transitions to create proper flow.
    In Science, we are continuing learning about how Earth is a changing surface. We will be doing a lot of hands on activities including making our own seismographs and using them to collect data. In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome focusing on their different mythologies, the birth of Christianity, and how these civilizations shaped the world we live in today.

Dates to Remember:

    March 12th-16th-- Spring Break

    Friday, March 30th-- No School! (Good Friday)


-Miss Harter