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January 2017 News – 5th Grade


                  The beginning of the second semester started off well for the fifth graders.  Everyone returned to school excited and ready learn.  In Reading the students have been working on comparing and contrasting various styles of literature.  They just concluded reading a short story about Winter the dolphin and taking notes about what they learned.  Next they watched the movie, Dolphin Tale.  The students compared the written story to the movie version.  In English students have been busy working on the annual Young Authors stories.  This year they are writing fiction stories.  Also, they just learned about interviewing.  Each student chose someone to interview and wrote a short paper on that person. In Math we have been dividing  whole numbers.  Those problems that have a remainder in the answer are being shown as fractions and then changed to a decimal.  Also, students have been working on multiplying fractions and decimals.  In Science students just started a section on plant life.  They are learning parts of plants, the purposes, and  methods of plant growth.  Each student has planted a bean seed in a container as well as another seed of his/her choice.  Each student is monitoring his/her plant and responsible for  taking care of the plant as well as keeping track of the progress.  The Social Studies focus at this time is on various sections of the United States and learning about past civilizations that inhabited these areas.

                  The fifth graders are eager to learn and are a very inquisitive group.  We discuss that every lesson we work on has a purpose for their future.  Everything that they learn will enrich them and help them as lifelong learners.  Reasons to learn a skill are discussed and emphasized.