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Ms.Bryant - Title I / Counselor

Hume R8

Parent Involvement Policy




       Hume R8 School values parents and community members and their involvement in our students’ educational experience.  High student achievement can be reached through the cooperative efforts of teachers, staff, parents, and community members. 



Hume R8 will:

1.   Involve parents in the development of the LEA Parent Involvement Policy. An informational meeting will be held at the beginning of each school year (September/October) to inform parents of:

·     our school’s participation in Title IA

·     assessments being used to qualify students for services

·     proficiency levels students are expected to meet

·     their right to be involved in their child’s educational experiences

2.   Offer a minimum of two Family Nights.  These events will include such topics as:

·     review of curriculum used

·     state content standards and assessments

·     materials to develop reading/math skills

·     activities for students and parents to encourage academic interaction at home

3.   Coordinate Family Nights with the Hume  

Community Preschool and PAT programs to 

 reach as many families as possible and 

 improve student achievement. 

4.   Form a Parent Advisory Committee which will 

    conduct an annual evaluation of the Title I   

    program as well as review the effectiveness

    and content of the Parent Involvement Policy.

5.   Inform parents of activities such as parent-teacher conferences (which will be held annually) and Family Nights through the school website and newsletters.

6.   Provide parents with reports on their child’s 

        reading progress (3 times per year) through

        the use of STAR and DIBELS assessments. 


Kelsie Wikoff,
Dec 14, 2018, 4:03 PM