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Ms.Bryant - 4th Grade

The hectic month is drawing to a close!  There hasn’t been a lot of extra time between science experiments, Carnival, Red Ribbon Week, Halloween, Character pumpkins, and basketball games.  The 4th graders took it all in stride and worked hard this past month.  Ask one of the students and they may tell you they had to try their science experiment a second (or third) time.  Each test was a learning experience, and all of the students were determined to keep going until they got it right!   

Next up, we’re going to switch gears and focus on research projects in Social Studies.  Projects will all be completed during class and will focus on utilizing reliable online search engines and encyclopedias.  We will also work on organization and the use of transitional words in their writing.

In Math, we will spend several weeks working on multiplication, properties of multiplication, and solving multi-step problems.  If your student is working on memorizing multiplication facts, that is wonderful!   If they have not, please make sure they practice.  The assignments are going to be difficult if they need to use repeated addition or tally marks to complete their assignments.  

During English, we are continuing with parts of speech and spelling rules that apply.  We are currently wrapping up the chapter on adjectives, and will move to adverbs.  

Please keep an eye out for more notes and updates on activities/events in the next few weeks concerning this month.  First up, Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday, November 9, starting at 4:00 p.m.  Conferences times will be approximately 10 minutes each.  If you are unable to make it that night, please let me know and we can schedule another time.  


Ms. Bryant