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Mrs. Wehar - English

February Newsletter

English I is finishing up their Presidential research papers and I am very proud of the effort they have been putting into them. They will be starting a Shakespeare unit directly after this and will begin reading Romeo and Juliet. English II is currently working on an American Dream project and determining if it in fact still exists today.

7th Grade is continuing their practice in reading and comprehension in a variety of different short stories and articles. The 8th grade class has been reading the Diary of Anne Frank and they have been doing an amazing job of relating to the text and understanding the struggles that Anne and her family have been put through.   

English III has just begun their Poetry Anthology unit and this will be a major project for the next many weeks. They will be creating a composition of works from multiple authors as well as learning the techniques of writing poetry themselves. They will also have to look in depth at multiple works in order to write some reflective essays over them. These essays with encourage them to have a very personal view of the poem and find the hidden meaning beyond just the words.

Lifetime English class has just finished reading Chew on This and has been working on essays/interviews of people over the fast food industry and what it has done for our economy. They will next begin writing several different speeches over multiple topics in which they will present to the class their findings. 

College Prep has done a wonderful job on their MLA research papers. They have been given multiple scholarships to look at and every Friday is designated for them to do research on scholarships as it has been all year. In the next several weeks they will be creating an argumentative, informative, and demonstrative presentation to present to the class to help them prepare for different speech classes and life out of high school.