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Mr. Wheeler - Social Studies

Ken Wheeler

Social Sciences


For the first time in several years, I have only Social Science classes. With a change in staff, the 6th grade now have World Studies in my room. As such, we will be starting with the people of the Paleolithic Era and trace the development of society into today’s world. In the next couple of weeks, we will be following the civilizations of Egypt and the Fertile Crescent.

The 7th grade Geography class after an introduction unit, will travel to the nations of Latin America and explore their culture and society. As part of this, each student will research several nations and create a display of one of their nations.

The 8th graders are going to be discovering and exploring the new lands with the Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English adventures of the 1500’s. We will then trace the settlement and development of the English colonies into the United States with its issues into the American Civil War.

The Freshmen will continue the development of the United States into a world power though the World Wars of last century and the events that have followed.

The Sophomores will start this year with Geography instead of Government due to calendar issues. We are exploring the society of Latin America, and its interaction with the United States. As part of this, each student will be planning a week long “vacation” to a nation of Latin America. They will present their “vacation slides” to the class in the form of a power point.

My World History class is tracking the development of the world starting from the Crusades that ended the Middle Ages. We will trace the development of European nations and their influences on the world.

This year, I am also teaching a dual credit Western Civilization class through Crowder College. This class will earn the students 6 hours of college credits.