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Mr. Wheeler - Social Studies

Mr. Wheeler

Social Science

October 2018

The first month of this school year has come and gone. 

All of the older students are in the grove and have settled into their classes. Most of the Senior and Juniors are taking Psychology this semester (self-help?) and are reading the first of two books. They have either A Child Called It or Go Ask Alice.  Please ask them about them.

The Sophomores are in Government class this year. They have a series of State required tests that we will be working on all year. These include one on the U.S. Constitution, one on the Missouri Constitution, a new one copying the U.S. Citizenship test, and the EOC for Government.

The Freshmen are in the second half of American History and are almost to the turn of the last century. The 8th Graders are settling the 13 Colonies in the first half of American History.

The 7th Graders get to have me twice a day for Mathematics and World Geography. They are adjusting to being “big” kids with the added pressures of different teachers, classrooms, and expectations every hour. They are for the most part starting to figure things out .