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Mr. Wheeler - Social Studies

October Newsletter

Social Sciences


The school year is rolling into its second month, and the social science classes are rolling through time discovering our origins.


The 7th Grade Geography is headed to Australia. We will be examining the lands of the Pacific Ocean with their unique cultures and societies. Please review with you student their “Map Test”.


The 8th Grade American History is exploring and settling the eastern coast of North America and is fighting for freedom from the rule of the British. We will then struggle to establish and expand the new nation into an independent, productive member of the world society.


The Freshman American History is tracing the development of the United States from an isolate, agrarian nation into an industrial, world power. We will establish and empire of territory and influence across the globe.


American Government is creating of the Constitution and will soon begin the study of the three branches of the American System of government. They will be taking the state required U.S. Constitution test on the Tuesday before the start of Thanksgiving break.


The dual credit Western Civilizations will be exploring the cultures and lifes of the Greek and Roman Empires. They will be finishing a paper on The Canterbury Tales.