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Mr. Weir - Music/Band/Art

October 2019

Music k-6

We are working on different cultures of music while exploring what we can do with music in daily life. The students have experienced music from many different cultures from around the world. We will be working on music for the christmas concert in the near future. 

Art Class

The Art classes have been working on still drawings while using pastels for color. They have also worked on shading and different types of shading. They will continue to work on these skills during the coming projects.


Band News Letter

We started the year of running. We were able to go to Missouri Southern State University for a mass band day on September 5th. The students had a wonderful time playing the superhero music with the MSSU band and over 800 other high school students. Since then, we have been working on Pep-Band music for the basketball games. We are playing a much more difficult selection of music this year and they are doing wonderful.

The beginning band class started the year strong. We spent some time learning the notes before we tried to play them. They have had wonderful attitudes in learning something that is difficult. We look forward to our first performance being at the christmas concert.



General Music Class

This class has had a focus on the technology used for music. The students have been able to use a few different apps to create their own jingles and songs. We had someone come in and listen to the jingles to see if they were from a movie or if the students had created them. The students have put together some good music. We will be looking into the fine details of what technology has done for music in the near future.



Matthew Weir