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Mr. Weir - Music/Band/Art

General Music

The students will explore how instruments were made and the history of them as well. They will also participate in learning how to play the instruments and the basic needs to maintain them. In addition, the students will learn about the “Pros” and “Cons” of being a popular artist/composer in the music realm. 


K-6 News Letter

The classes will continue to gain knowledge about instrument classifications while being able to play on the instruments. The students will engage in classroom activities to gain this understanding of the instruments. The students will use this and showcase the abilities during the spring concert.

Art New Letter

We will begin the semester continuing where we left off in the first semester. We will continue to use new elements of art to gain a deeper understanding of art. There are several projects the student will be doing, that will showcase their artistic ability.


Band News Letter

The Junior High and High school bands have been working on many different selections of music this year. It has been very exciting to see these bands progress so far this year. The bands will begin to get ready for contest and the concert this spring.


 – Matthew Weir