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Mrs. Duncan - Business/Technology

Business News

This year we have added to new classes:  High School Coding and Junior High Coding.  These classes are done on the Codehs web site that has been created just for this purpose.  Most students seem to be enjoying the classes.  They involve Karel the dog and his world/worlds.  The watch a video on various components of coding, work through some examples, then they are given a problem for Karel and must figure out the code to solve it.  I know I have learned a lot from this venture and I am sure the students have also.

Desktop Publishing have set up the yearbook for next year.  They have also divided up the pages into who will be responsible for each one.  Their initials will be placed on each page they are responsible for.  The cover has been decided on, and a lot of discussions have been going on.  Next the will start designing pages for next years book.  They have also been creating the programs for the games.

Business Tech. students have been doing career research on the job they want in the future.  They have written a paper and created a PowerPoint on their chosen career.  Next, they will give a presentation to the class.

Account students have learned the accounting equation and all about assets, liabilities and owner’s equity.  They are now learning about how various transactions affect owner’s equity.

Elementary students Kindergarten through fourth grade have been playing educational games to enrich their classroom learning.  Fifth and Sixth grade students have started working assignments on google classroom.  I hope to add some coding with the older students.  Next Third and Fourth graders will start working on google classroom.

Student Council News

Classes have elected their representatives and those who wish to run for an office have completed their applications.  Speeches will be given this week and the election will take place.  The student council will oversee Red Ribbon Week and Homecoming.  They will also be holding our annual basket raffle during the Junior High Tournament.  This helps pay for a reward trip for state testing.