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Mrs. Duncan - Business/Technology

Business News

Coding I (High School) - is nearing the halfway mark.  Students are busy finishing up the required codes to reach their goal.  Next semester they will be finishing up the second half of this course.  Then they will have to come up with individual projects.  After they come up with several projects they will have to pick one and write the code for it.  They can make their own game.  Make their own picture.  The possibilities are unlimited.

Eighth Grade - students are finishing up their semester of Programing with Karel the Dog.  Several are working on their individual project.  Like the high school they have to come up with several projects then they will have to pick one and write the code for it.  They can make their own game.  Make their own picture.  Their possibilities are unlimited also.

Business Tech - students have been exploring different careers on Missouri Connections.  At this time we have taken a break to make 2019 calendars and Christmas ornaments.  Once we have completed these projects we will continue with Missouri Connections.  Missouri Connections gets students out of their comfort zone.  They have to talk about themselves and discover what they are good at.  We will be setting up job shadowing for next semester.

Elementary - students have been using educational games to enhance the classroom experience.  They have also been using google classroom to get used to completing assignments on the computer. 

Yearbook - students are busy work on their pages.  We will have several pages done and edited by Christmas break.  This year each student will be placing their initials on the pages they complete so they receive credit. 

Accounting - students are busy working on journalizing transactions.  They have to analyze each transaction, decide what accounts are affected and how.  Then they have to complete a General Journal for the business.


Student Council News

Classes have elected their representatives and those who wish to run for an office have completed their applications.  Speeches will be given this week and the election will take place.  The student council will oversee Red Ribbon Week and Homecoming.  They will also be holding our annual basket raffle during the Junior High Tournament.  This helps pay for a reward trip for state testing.