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Mrs. Duncan - Business/Technology

Business News


Business Tech. students are finishing up their unit on budgets.  Their final project will be to complete a budget for a family of four.  They will have to figure out income and needs first, then they will be able to add wants in.  They must save some money each month also.  This helps them to see if they can live the lifestyle they want and afford on the salary (for the job they want) they will be making.


Keyboarding students are finishing up their keyboarding online practice to help build speed.  Next, we will start projects.  One project they will be completing is the planning of a trip.  They will also be planning a decorating project.  Along with several others.


Yearbook class will be selling ads in Nevada this week.  They have been working on pages and will be editing the week after spring break.  When they have free time they spend it working on scholarships.


Elementary students have been working on google classroom to help them get ready for the future.  They also have been using various games to help reinforce classroom work.


Junior High students have been working on learning the keyboard and increasing speed.  Most students have been successful with increase both their speed and their accuracy.


Jackie Duncan