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Mrs. Duncan - Business/Technology


Business News

Business Tech students have been researching jobs.  They have completed a paper and a PowerPoint over the job that interests them at this point in their lives.  Next they will give a presentation to the class and we will start on Missouri Connections, which is an online career development and planning program.  They will take interest surveys, career surveys, assessments, and exploring various careers.  They will be participating in various college planning activities and financial aid planning activities.  This also has activities for life skills and seeing if they will be able to afford life and all it will throw at them. 

Coding students are taking a variety of coding classes this year.  Freshmen are taking JavaScript.  Eighth grade are taking Phyton.  Seventh grade will take JavaScript.  Jonathan is taking Phyton.  Last year he took JavaScript and Video Gaming.  Harrison Wepener is taking JavaScript first semester and Phyton second semester.  These are all year long classes that are delivered online.  Most classes work at their own pace depending on how they how they are doing.  We have stop and watched some videos together and discussed what they are having problems with.  Students who complete more than one class spend a lot of time working on this program on their own.

Desktop students have been taking pictures of various events.  They are also patiently waiting for our online book to be set up so they can start working on the book.  We have purchased a second camera for the students to use.  We are looking at purchasing a laptop with photo editing software to allow students to edit their photos for use in their yearbook.  Looking forward to seeing their creativeness.

Elementary Computer News

Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade have been working on learning to get on the computers.  They have also been working on being patient and waiting for help from Ms. Duncan since there are over twenty students in this group.  We are getting better each time.  They are also getting better at not pushing all the buttons on the computers themselves.

Third and Fourth Grade students have completed their first Google Classroom lesson.  They will continue to work on Google Classroom and will begin shortly. is an online typing course designed to help students improve typing skills and increase typing speed.

Fifth and Sixth Grade students have completed several Google Classroom assignments.  They know when they enter the classroom the first thing they need to do is to open Google Classroom and complete the assignment that is due that day.  Next they are to log onto and complete a lesson. 


The 2019/2020 FBLA officers are as follows: 

President:  Jonathan Kellhofer

Vice President:  Harrison Wepener

Secretary: Jaylyn Rogers

Treasurer: Kennidi Harris

Reporter:  Makinzi Harris

Parliamentarian: Cassidy Rogers

The District contest event list has been made available for members.  The students can compete in three events at the District level.  If they place in the top at District’s (the event determines if they have to place first, top two, or top three) they will advance to the state level held in April.  If they place at State, they will advance to the National level which is held during the summer each year. 

Jackie Duncan, Advisor


Student Council News

Student Council Officers for the 2019/2020 school year are as follows:

President:  Jaylyn Rogers

Vice President:  Harrison Wepener

Secretary:  Layknn Moore

Treasurer:  Jonathan Kellhofer

Report/Historian:  Cassidy Rogers

The Student Council has voted to provide a drink and a small snack for our athletes for away games. 

The Student Council will also have their schoolwide basket raffle during the Junior High Basketball Tournament.  The proceeds from this raffle are used to help pay for incentives for state testing.  Your support in this fund-raising effort is greatly appreciated.

Jackie Duncan, Advisor