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Mrs. Kimbrough - 5th grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I'm writing a mid-year newsletter because I have learned a lot in this short 3 1⁄2 months of school that I would like to implement for the second semester that I think will improve the flow of our class. We have a serious problem with students turning in assignments late, if at all. This is taking a major toll on their grades and second semester is no time to be slacking. I am hoping by informing you of classroom expectations, students will have more reinforcement and accountability to turn in assignments.

-Students fill out their planners everyday and highlight the assignments that are not finished (homework), then I sign them. Often times planners will be left at school or not even taken out of their planners. Please check these to keep students accountable for homework.
-Assignments will be due the next day after they are given. If absent, they are given two days to complete. After that, 10% is taken off each day it is late.
-Assignments not turned in after a week will not be accepted at all. Missing or otherwise.
-To make up needed points in Reading and Spelling, students will now be completing assignment activities of their choice from a list given to them each week. This will need to be done on their own time and are due on Friday. (They did these last year and we have started this week, so they are familiar with how this works.)
-Students are still expected to AR read and test, but they have been slacking on getting this done. Please remind your student to be reading their AR books, as practice makes them better readers!

Thank you for you help to have successful students. I'm hoping this will really improve some frustrations for us all! Other than that, I am really enjoying building relationships with them and helping them the best way I can.

Jessica Kimbrough

Important Dates:
Jan.3-- Back to school
Jan 15-- mlk jr. day (no school)
Jan 16-19-- Homecoming spirit week
Jan 19-- homecoming

Need to Know:
Second semester expectations reminder attached
Spelling/vocabulary activities attached

-Math: coming back from break we're going to be starting chapter 5; adding and subtracting decimals.

-Reading: We're working on how to find the main idea of a story using details from the story using expository texts.

-Science: For most of the year we learned about plants. We just started discussing animals, which will be a lot more interesting!

-Writing: We've been working hard on reviewing how to construct a proper paragraph. They did well on their first full paragraph after the review and now, we'll work on writing opinion essays.

At Home:
Study Spelling words
AR Reading
Spelling/vocabulary activities

From Mrs. Kimbrough:
How fast the first semester has gone by! I have learned just as much from these kiddos than they have learned from me, that's for sure! Thank you for sharing them with me!
Christmas around the world was a success! I hope they enjoyed it as much as the teachers enjoyed planning it for them.
Feel free to contact me via email or phone. I check my email daily!

Email: Phone: (660) 643-7411

Spelling Activities
Must have a combination of 100 points for the week.

Level A (Need 40 points to move on to next level)
1. Write spelling words 5 times in ABC order- 20 points
2. Type words 5 times each in different fonts and colors- 20 points
3. Write 3 times each in cursive and ABC order- 20 points

Level B (Need 20 points to move on to the next level)
1. Spelling worksheet- 20 points
2. Create pyramids from each word- 20 points
3. Use each word in a sentence- 20 points
4. Sort words by vowel sounds, syllables, or patterns (acknowledge which you are doing)- 20 points

Level C
1. Write a poem including all words- 40 points
2. Create a dictionary page of spelling words- 40 points
(include guide words, entry words, syllables, and definitions)
3. Write a 3 paragraph story using all 20 words- 40 points
4. Create your own crossword puzzle- 40 points
(include clues and answers)
5. Design your own slide show of your spelling words- 40 points
(include picture and definition)


Vocabulary Activities
Must have at least one assignment completed per day and a total of 50 points per week.

1. Write a synonym and antonym for each word- 10 points
2. Write your own definition for each word- 10 points
3. Use each vocabulary word in a sentence that shows its meaning- 10 points
4. Complete vocabulary worksheet- 10 points
5. Make a connection to each word- 10 points
(A connection is a memory, experience, story, song etc. that that word reminds you of)
6. Write a riddle for at least 5 of the vocabulary words- 20 points
7. Write a newspaper article including all words- 20 points
(use template from computer)
8. Make a multiple choice test for the words; include answer key- 20 points
9. Vocabulary squares- 30 points
10. Write a 3 paragraph story using all of the words- 30 points
11. Make a comic strip using all of the words- 30 points
12. Create a dictionary page of vocabulary words- 40 points
(needs to include guide word, syllable, part of speech, definition, and an example sentence)