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Mrs. Kimbrough - 5th grade

February Newsletter 2018

•Important Dates

Feb 1-14: Valentine balloons and candy will be available for purchase before and after school per the high school cheerleaders.

Feb 14- Class Valentine party at 2:45. 

Feb 19- No school in observance of President's Day.

•What's Happening

Science- They did well on their animal classification test and will be delving deeper into animal life (adaptations and survival, habitat, fossils, human impact, etc.) this coming month.

Reading- So far in February we studied Tall Tales, and will be learning about Mystery Play, Biographies, Expository Texts, and Lyric/Free Verse Poems.

Math- This month we are going to learn multiplying and dividing decimals.

Writing- We wrote our own Tall Tales this week (pretty entertaining :)!

Next we're going to work on developing characters and logical order.

•Teacher Notes

I'm proud to say the kiddos have stepped up and are trying harder with completing and turning in their work. Grades are looking MUCH better than last semester, yay! We do still have some not turning in their weekly spelling and vocabulary assignments which can make or break their grades. So let's get those turned in! 

If you have any questions about assignments, grades (I'll be happy to send a copy home), or activities, please contact me and I'll be glad to let you know!

Mrs. Kimbrough

660-643-7411 ext.332