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The school year is off and running.  We have been very busy learning nutrients in Advanced Foods and Nutrition and Wellness.  They have studied how different nutrients work together and how they help the body.  Students are very intrigued to learn that a nutrient imbalance can cause many health problems. Child Development is learning about pregnancy and child birth along with observing and helping out in the preschool.

The younger classes are learning some basic skills like recording checks, debits and deposits.  They are learning the importance of money management.  We are also learning to count change back without a machine or calculator.  On the other hand, the calculator has become a good friend to the personal finance class.  They are learning the importance of a budget and how to save money.  They are learning about compound interest and how it can add to saved money and how it’s bad for loaned money. My new class is the 7th grade.  They are making a patch top pillow. Some of them have never sewn before and really like the project.

Have a great fall!!!