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Mrs. Metcalf - FACS


The FACS Room has been busy as always.  We have made it through our second Hospitality Room now. The students have really been doing well and I’m proud of all their accomplishments. I am very pleased with their cooking abilities.  They know its a busy week and its a good time to teach catering. Thank you to all my classes that helped me prepare the food.. Also big Thank You to Dylan Nicholas and Mackenzie Martin for working in the Hospitality Room all week.

Both the Foods classes have learning about all the nutrients and how they help the body.  They are learning to plan healthy meals and change some eating habits to improve their own health.  The Health class is also learning about weather safety, and protective behaviors.    The nutrition and Wellness class is working on rating their diets and how they can improve or change it.  

The Freshmen are very happy to be in a class by themselves.  They got to help with the hospitality room cooking also ans I named them “the cookie makers”! They make very nice looking cookies. The Housing class is currently drawing blueprints for a 6 bedroom house.  They are enjoying putting in their own touches. The Child Development class is learning about bringing the baby home for the first time and all the changes to routines that take place. They truly enjoy is going to the Preschool and helping with the students.  

My biggest class is the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. We are currently in our foods unit. They are excited about cooking.  Our first adventure in the kitchen will be something with pumpkin in the recipe. They are a class that keeps you on your toes but at the same time really enjoy the class.  We will have to take two days to cook and break into four groups.