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Mrs. Metcalf - FACS

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April 2018

The FACS classes are busy with projects again this Spring!  I still like to see the creativity come about in each of the classes projects.  Advanced Foods, Nutrition and Wellness, and Entrepreneurship are all learning how to plan foods and be an entrepreneur in the foods area.  They are also learning about foreign foods, creating a cookbook or recipe card file. The freshmen are learning to use the sewing machine and the embroidery machine.  They are making aprons that they can use in the FACS room later when they cook. We are really busy in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade class as each student is learning anout food groups and healthy foods.  We will be in the labs cooking soon. Child Development students are enjoying working with the preschool and elementary classrooms.  They just created an educational book and shared it with the preschool. They made some really creative books. The Personal Finance class is learning about interest and ways to save money.   I really enjoy teaching my FACS classes, I know that these are classes that they can use the rest of their career. 

Tammy Metcalf