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Mrs. Metcalf - FACS

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Mrs. Metcalf

October 2018

Another great year has started and classes are going well.  We have two sections of Nutrition and Wellness and they are learning the six basic nutrients and why they are important for our body.  Its important to know how they help us and even more important to know what foods are high in each nutrient and what helps to absorb each one.  The Child Development class is a smaller class and so they have enjoyed the more time they have in the preschool. It is great hands on experience for them whether they choose that as a career or use it for parenting skills later in life.  The Freshman class is happy to finally be on there own in class.  We are focusing on  goals and how to make responsible decisions.  Right now I also have the seventh grade class.  They are a very fun class to teach and they always have input into daily discussions.  Especially since we are learning communication techniques. 

  Overall, the year has started out great and I think everyone is happy to be back in school with their friends learning.

Also the Sophomore class would like to thank everyone that supported them with their Mum sales and to remind you that they will be selling Texas Roadhouse Rolls for the Holiday Season.

Have a great fall