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Mr. Wehar - Industrial Arts / PE / Athletic Director

P.E./Industrial Arts Newsletter 


The Industrial Woodworking classes have completed numerous projects for the school and are currently working on cubbies for the 6th grade classroom.  They have also been very involved in working on a couple of grants which may allow the Industrial Arts program to purchase new equipment.  One of the woodworking classes are in the beginning stages of designing and building CO2 dragsters!   

Elememtary PE classes are always extremely active and they have been enjoying lots of different “warmup games” as well as team sports.  They have also been learning about a variety of bones and muscles.  

8th grade PE class has been very active and just recently finished a unit on Badminton, and are now playing Whiffleball.  They have been very involved this semester and have taken part in planning the various units that we have been covering in P.E.  They have also learned about calculating target heart rate.   

Intro to Tech students have been learning about the Design Process and how this process is applied to not only Industrial Arts, but also many aspects of life.  They will be covering the general safety rules soon, and will finish the semester with a small wood project.

9th grade PE students have been extremely active and have been doing a variety of basketball drills.  

The HS PE class has been active participating in a variety of games and activities.  They have primarily been playing basketball and doing some weight lifting.