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Mr. Wehar - Industrial Arts / PE / Athletic Director

P.E./Industrial Arts Newsletter 


The Industrial Woodworking classes began the school year by covering the general safety rules and taking the general safety test.  They are now working on various projects for the school, such as a platform for the volleyball team to utilize in practice as well as cubbies for the 6th grade room.  

Elememtary PE classes are always extremely active and they have been enjoying lots of different “warmup games” as well as team sports.  The 5th and 6th  graders have also completed the state mandated Fitnessgram, which measures aerobic capacity, upper body strength, core strength, and flexibility.  

8th grade PE class has also completed the Fitnessgram and are also very active and are involved in many different fitness and coordination activities.  They have been learning about volleyball and doing a variety of different volleyball drills and have been enjoying Hefley Ball, which is a variation of volleyball.

Intro to Tech students have taken a pre-test and have been learning about the 5 major categories of Technology and have been learning about how to break an inch down into 16ths.

9th grade PE students have completed the Fitnessgram.  They have been very active in learning about volleyball and have been playing volleyball and Hefley Ball. This is a very competitive group which makes for a high energy PE class.

The HS PE class has been active participating in a variety of games and activities.  They have primarily been playing volleyball and Hefley Ball, but have also been playing kickball and dodgeball.