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Mr. Wehar - PE/Industrial Arts

P.E./Industrial Arts Newsletter – April

The Industrial Woodworking students are wrapping up the school year with a small individual wood project of their choice.   

The HS PE class has been active doing some weight lifting, as well as enjoying a variety of games.

Elememtary PE classes are always extremely active and they have been enjoying lots of different “warmup games” as well as team sports.  All elementary classes have also been enjoying playing a new game that they named “Thunderball.”  The 4th and 5th graders are going to be completing the Fitnessgram test once again.   

Junior High PE classes are also very active and are involved in many different fitness and coordination activities.  They have been enjoying various games such as Poison Ball, Alley Ball, Steal the Ball, Paint Ball, and Basketball.  They will be completing the Fitnessgram again also. 

Tech I students are very busy as they are working very hard to finish their projects as the number of days to work on them is getting less and less.  So far, I am extremely pleased with the job they are doing on their projects.  

9th grade PE students have been having a blast in P.E!  They have been playing a lot of Whiffleball and the softball players have been spending a lot of time hitting in the batting cage.  Additionally, they will be completing the Fitnessgram as well.  

Intro to Tech students are still working on their mass production project and are doing a great job.