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Mr. Wehar - Industrial Arts / PE / Athletic Director

P.E./Industrial Arts Newsletter 

October 2019

I am excited to have begun the new school year and am pleased to inform everyone that through grant money, we have completely revamped both the weight room and the shop!  The weight room has all been painted and is now filled with $3,000 worth of new equipment.  The shop has also been repainted and has $5,000 worth of new equipment.  

The Industrial Woodworking classes began the school year by completing the general safety test.  They since have been doing a variety of projects within the school.  Some of these projects have consisted of  staining and varnishing all of the new booster club boards, assembling all of the new equipment that is in the weight room, installing a new window air conditioning unit in the classroom, and re-organizing much of the shop work space.  

Elememtary PE classes are always extremely active and they have been enjoying lots of different “warmup games” as well as team sports.  Additionally, they have also been learning names of various muscle groups throughout the human body.  The 5th graders have also completed the state mandated Fitnessgram, which measures aerobic capacity, upper body strength, core strength, and flexibility.  

Junior High PE class is also very active and are involved in many different fitness and coordination activities.  They have been enjoying various games such as hefley ball, poison ball, steal the ball, paint ball,  They too, have completed the Fitnessgram.

Intro to Tech students have been learning about the 5 main categories of Technology and how they relate to the world we live in today.  They have also been learning about how to break down an inch into 16ths.  

9th grade PE students have completed the Fitnessgram and are focusing on all of the areas of the Fitnessgram test.  On a daily basis they are working on aerobic capacity, upper body strength, core strength and flexibility.  They have been enjoying team sports such as hefley ball, steal the ball, and dodgeball.  

H.S. P.E. Students are enjoying a variety of team sports right now such as basketball, badminton, hefley ball and dodgeball.  They are getting ready to begin a weight program.