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Mrs. Sutcliffe - Science

National Youth Science Day!

The Hume R-8 8th Grade Science class, partnered with the University of Missouri Extension and Bates County 4-H, and took part in the Incredible Wearables science project today. Mrs. Carrie Sutcliffe put them in teams of four to work together and make the best possible "Fitbit". Preliminary work was done in class today. Students measured their heart rate and their temperature using the Incredible Wearable gear. They also started designing their own "Fitbit" that they will work on tomorrow. This project is a part of National Youth Science Day!

Science Olympiad Update

Science Olympiad is gearing up for another year. We will start practice on Monday, October 16 and it will tentatively run daily Monday-Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. till the end of February.  Students will be asked to fill out a Practice Calendar in order to let me know when they are staying for practice. As competitions approach the practice hours will be extended on an as need basis. Any student in grades 6-12 that are maintaining a B- GPA with no F's and do not have discipline problems may partake in Science Olympiad. Students getting 10 hours of practice and competing in the Saturday competition will receive 25 bonus points in 7-12 Science classes. Currently there are three Saturday competitions for B-Division (grades 6-9);  December 3rd at Pembroke Hill, February 3 at Warrensburg and Feb 24  Regional at UCM. At this time C-Division (grades 10-12) has three competitions;  January 13 at Oak Park in North Kansas City, February 3 at Warrensburg and the Regional meet at UCM on February 24. The State competition is scheduled for April 9 (during Spring Break) in  Fulton, MO on the Westminster College Campus.

There are usually two teams per B (grades 6-9) and C (grades 10-12) divisions, consisting of 15 students per team.  The strongest teams are referred to as the Red teams and weaker teams are referred to as the White teams.  In order for a student to be eligible on the Red team they must have 10 hours of practice completed prior to each competition and prepare for five events. The prep needed for each event varies. For example, an event may require the student to build an airplane and have a log completed of at least 10 test flights. Another event may require the student to prepare 4 pages of notes that cover specific material to be tested over. Before we go to the Regional competition at the end of February we must down size to only one B team (15 students with a maximum of five freshman) and one C team (15 students). In addition we will only be able to have one entry per event. For example only one bridge for B-Division and only one bridge for C-Division may compete. Only one B and C entry will be allowed for Fossils, etc. The selection process of those teams and entries will be based on practice hours, preparation/readiness for all five events, performance at prior competitions and where our team overall needs help. For example, if the Red team is good at every thing except Road Scholar and Dynamic Planet, we will be looking at the White team to see who can move over. If two students have medaled numerous times in Road Scholar but one student is decent at Dynamic Planet and the other student is not good at Dynamic Planet, the student that is good at both Road Scholar and Dynamic Planet will move over to the Red team. Students on the White Team will be allowed to attend Regionals as a non competitor as long as they have fulfilled requirements for at least two prior competitions. Those students attending Regionals as non competitors will also be eligible to attend the State competition as non competitors if the TEAM makes it.

If the team does not qualify for the State competition but a student, or group of students, take 1st place in an event at the Regional competition that student/group will be able to compete at the State level.   

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 


Carrie Sutcliffe

660-643-7411 (W) or 660-643-7161 (H)