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Mrs. Sutcliffe - Science

October 2019

The Science Classroom is off to a great start for the 2019 -2020 school year. The Seventh graders are starting out learning some basic skills needed for science, such as measuring, writing numbers in scientific notation, making metric conversions and identifying variables in a controlled experiment.

The Eighth graders have just finished a unit on Plants where they studied classification, reproduction, characteristics and plant processes. They also investigated the effect of the amount of sunlight on the transpiration rate in various trees. Currently the students are studying the Circulatory System. The Conference Science Fair for 8th graders is scheduled for December 6 at Ballard. So in addition to their regular curriculum students are busy carrying out their projects that will be due December 3.

Physical Science students are getting a real “charge” out of their Electricity unit. The students have done several labs investigating circuits, building electroscopes and using a multimeter. They are learning to apply Ohm's Law and Kirchoff's Voltage and Current Laws to circuit diagrams of parallel and series circuits. Students are also applying Energy and Power equations to solve for unknowns.

Biology students have finished their first unit on Characteristics of Life, Microscopes and Biology history.  In addition to their first unit they completed leaf collections in order to expose them to classification and taxonomy. Currently the students are discovering how chemistry is essential for life and thus are brushing up on some chemistry concepts that they will apply to study important molecules and reactions in living organisms.

Chemistry students have just completed their first unit of study in which they mastered classification of matter, physical and chemical changes, measuring, identifying number of significant figures, applying rules for mathematical operations involving significant figures, temperature, density, metrics and scientific notation. Currently students are using Dimensional Analysis to solve problems.

Applied Biology and Chemistry have already completed two jobs in which they did a blind taste test with Skittles and used Chromatography to calculate Rf values of food dyes in m&m's. Currently they are completing training labs with the microscope and will soon be studying osmosis and diffusion.

Dual Credit Chemistry students are preparing to take their first exam in which they will be tested over the Quantum Mechanic Model, classification of matter, the periodic table, properties, changes, atomic structure, density and mass % of solutions. During their first lab they investigated how the density of the penny changed in 1982 by analyzing the copper and zinc content in pre and post 1982 pennies.

More exciting news coming next month!!!!