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Mrs. Schow - 2nd Grade

November was something to be thankful for… as well as feeling compassion for others in December! It is time for January to begin.  Happy New Year 2019!

Second grade is excited about this new year!  We had such a great first semester.

•So our class is now working toward their individual AR goals to earn as many points as they possibly can.  Every student has made their monthly goal and are working towards what they have set.  Every student was given the opportunity to spend AR points they earned in Ms. Bryant’s AR Point Shop.  They seemed to like this new version for earning AR points.  We are creating new goals as we attain the earlier ones we set and they will change monthly.

•In reading we are currently on unit 3, week 4.  As of next week we will be halfway through our book!  We have many various genres and this week we are reading through more expository text.  Finally, we are discussing Jarret’s favorite topic—the weather, specifically TORNADOES!  Reading skills we will be getting to as well as reviewing are; synonyms & antonyms, plurals with –s, -es,  & -ies,  helping verbs have has & had, present, past and future tense verbs, and continuing to review our phonics skills we are covering all year.

•We have continued to cover many skills in grammar.  We had some extra-special units. One was contractions, where we performed surgery on the two words being joined and had letter(s) removed.  We also have become experts and building and constructing compound words in that unit.  We say, two words put together to make one new word!

•In math, so far we have covered new ways of problem solving and money was introduced and will continue to be reviewed throughout the school year.  We are beginning subtraction of 2-digit numbers this week.

•We have had writing activities about our personal reindeer, what we would like to see under the Christmas tree, a letter to Santa, and we are still working on the research for our report about a national symbol.  Those should be completed sometime in the next two weeks.

•In Science we continued to work on STEAM activities. In November we designed, created and had a parade sharing our creations with the entire elementary PK-6th in the hallway.  It was our 1st Annual Hume Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We took December and learning some coding basics, as well as making some changes in matter by creating a dough with cinnamon, glue and applesauce to make ornaments for the nursing homefolks.  We also made one to take home and a an additional gingerbread person to use in our final December activity – a Gingerbread House Challenge.  We all built our own house to withstand a wintery wind (AKA: a hair dryer). 

•In Social Studies we are currently working on geography and learning about our states and where each of our postcard are coming from.  We are keeping track in our own personal detailed notebook.  We will continue to discuss landforms, direction, using a compass rose, map keys, and creating a variety of maps. 

•We are working towards filling our marble jar again.  We have many activities for the next few weeks to keep us busy.  Thanks for being a part of our learning experiences.  Talk to you at the end of the month!