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Mrs. Schow - 2nd Grade

March is over, April is going, and Whoa! May…


We enjoyed a wonderful Spring Break as well as a grand Easter egg hunt before our days off for Easter!


Zoe Miller’s birthday is on April 19th and she will be 8 years old!


The Spelling Bee was awesome!  Addie was representing Hume LARGE and PROUD!  She was one of several who brought home a medal.  Way to go Addie!


·      We are now in Unit 6 in Reading.  We are in the downhill slide of the book, so it is mostly review at this point, with, of course, new weekly vocabulary!

·      In Math, we covered geometry and we are currently working on measurement using standard units and metric.  We will finish up the year working on adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers.

·      In Writing we are working on a few final projects. We will write a biography about someone we love, an autobiography with a personal timeline, Our Important Book 2017-2018, some silly fictional narratives and maybe even some poetry.  We also got one more letter from our pen-pals and we are in the process of answering their letters!  What fun it has been.

·      In Social Studies we are keeping up with geography.  We still need to work more on maps skills and continue to get postcards from other 2nd grade classrooms.

·      In Science we are working on a research project on a habitat, and we will each create a different habitat in a shoebox! We are excited.


We really enjoyed Wonder and almost have our marble jar full a fifth time.   We have decided on a “Slime Party” for this one when we get it!


It is time for our year to close.  We have our field trip to Deanna Rose Prairie Farmstead, Field day, St. Jude activities, and so many other fun memories to make before we are finished as 2nd graders!  Thanks for following our activities!  Have a great summer.



At Hume Elementary, Mrs. Schow's Second Grade Class is excited about being on the map! Our class has been learning about where we are in the world by learning the names and locations of the seven continents, our oceans, and where in the United States we live. One of our current class projects is sending postcards to other 2nd grade classrooms all over the U.S., trying to get an informational postcard back from each state. The idea is to learn more about other students our age and where the live and what it is like where they go to school. We are keeping track with a map on the wall to see just where each postcard comes from. It is quite exciting getting mail.

Photo: (Back L-R) Mrs. Schow, Dane Schmid, Lily Terry, Kamee Snider, Addisen Rushing, & Zoe Miller. (Front L-R) Cameron Osburn, Meilah Corp, Marian Henderson, Tammi Flores, & Charlee Brown.