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Mrs. Schow - 2nd Grade

October is OVER!


In second grade we keep pretty BUSY.  We had some new students arrive to Hume and they decided to be in our class, and they are Noel Palms and Jarret Wriston.  WELCOME boys!

Our goals are set for the AR December Reading Party.  Most people are right on schedule to make their goal.  We will see by the end of this month where we all are.

In reading we are currently on unit 2, week 3. We have read several stories that were fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, informational texts, narrative nonfiction, and fables. We continue to discuss stories with animals in them.

Some reading skills we have covered are; visualizing, ask & answer questions and we are working on making, confirming, and revising predictions.


We have covered many skills in grammar including singular & plural nouns     (-s & -es), and commas in a series. In phonics we have been working on closed syllables, endings (-ed & -ing), doubling final consonants, drop the final e,  CVCe syllables, prefixes re-, un- & dis-, suffixes, and root words.

In math, so far we have covered basic addition & subtraction facts, simple patterns, skip counting, and even & odd numbers.  We have banked some more new strategies for problem-solving.  We are currently working on repeated addition and arrays.

We have had writing activities on a ghost tale, being a “Crankenstein” and we are getting ready to write about a national symbol.  

In Science we learned about matter, mass, sink & float, solids, liquids and gasses.  We tried several experiments, but I think the favorite was making a gas from a liquid. Our STEAM-Fridays have been wonderful.  We have created bridges to hold weight, bridges for length in structure, towers for height, crayon box LEGO structures to hold a crayon, to hold 10 and to be held-in-hand, and we have also learned to construct and de-construct a creation to look a picture of the groups’ choosing.

In Social Studies we are currently working on democracy, the three branches of government, elected officials, presidential information, and voting.

Our marble jar is just about full, and we have decided to have a new VOTE to choose our reward.  We don’t like what we chose anymore.

We plan to have more exciting activities up to Christmas break.  Thanks for sharing our learning experiences.  Talk to you after Thanksgiving.