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Mrs. Schow - 2nd Grade

Wow!  I cannot believe we are in February “the short month”… we are trying hard not to think about how little time is left for our 2nd grade year.  While, January brought us two birthdays…  Tammi Flores turned 8 on January 18th and Dane Schmid turned 9 the next day on January 19th.  Happy birthday Tammi and Dane!


We did chose are Spelling Bee Participants last week.  They are Charlee Brown, Cameron Osburn and Addisen Rushing.  Our alternate is Dane Schmid.  I know these students will represent Hume proudly!


·      We are now mid-Unit 4 in Reading.  We are really enjoying learning new vocabulary words and finding ways to use them in conversation. We have covered more skills in grammar like helping verbs, prefixes & suffixes, plurals and irregular plurals, inflectional endings –s, -ed, & -ing (and the rules that go with those endings),  comparative endings –er and –est, combining and rearranging sentences, synonyms and antonyms, book titles, and quotation marks. We also reviewed compound words and contractions again.

·      In Math, we continue to work on telling time daily, while we worked on subtracting 2-digit numbers and solving addition and subtraction word problems while looking for the clue words as a resource. We are currently getting ready to finish up expanded form in 3-digit numbers while also writing and looking for number patterns in those numbers.

·      In Writing we have been working on expository/informational writing.  It is all about just writing the facts, no opinions.  We have again answered our pen pals from Hudson and are awaiting our third response.  We continue to work in our daily journals and stretch-out our detailed experiences.

·      In Social Studies we continued to learn about a variety of maps and the equator and Prime Meridian on the globe.  We are beginning to discuss patriots and presidents.

·      We have just begun to work on our Life Science unit.  We have been talking about animals, specifically penguins. We will go back and forth between plants, animals and people throughout this unit, as well as learning about habitats and how they can survive.


We filled our marble jar a third time and chose to have an ice cream party, which included a choice of an ice cream sandwich or a mixed pineapple-cherry Popsicle!  The class really enjoys making the choice for what their reward party will be.  We are currently working on filling the jar a fourth time.


Thanks for visiting with us. Talk to you in March!