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Mrs. Yarick - Math

Math News Letter: January 2019

Our semester has gotten off to a good start.  We are back at work at a running speed.

The 8th grade is about to finish up working with equations. I think they will be happy but they will continue to work with equations as long as they do math with me.  Algebra 1 is going to start graphing equations. Some will like it and some not.  Algebra 2 is factoring polynomials. While Math Analysis is getting ready to graph higher order polynomials.

There are two sections of Problem Solving now. One method is working on solving problem by solving an easier problem first and the other by drawing a picture. There are also two sections of Consumer Math. One section is using interest and the other is studying the economy and how they fit in the whole scheme of things. Life Skills has been working with fractions in cooking examples and starting building examples. Finally, Welding math is working with fractions as decimals.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

Mrs. Pam Yarick