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Math News Letter

            I have waited a month to write this news letter because I wanted to discuss the Flipped Classroom. Each year I attend the MOCTM (Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Annual meeting the first weekend of December. Last year was a very productive meeting for me. I attended several sessions on a Flipped Classroom and decided I wanted to try the concept here in my classroom. So, second semester last year I 'Flipped' the Algebra 1 and Geometry classes.

            At the end of last year I asked the students to do an 'honest' evaluation of the Flipped classroom. I asked them to tell me both the good and the bad. All of the students preferred the Flipped class over a Traditional class. Most of the students gave me very valuable feedback and based on their contributions I made some changes to this year's classes.

            A 'Flipped Classroom' means I have created a video and uploaded it to the internet for the students to watch before they come to class. The students can access the video with a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, ipad, ipod or phone. When the students come to class they are expected to sit down and start working on that day's assignment which is to be completed and graded by the end of the class period. My responsibility during the class period is to move about the classroom and assist students with any questions they may have. By the end of class the students should have graded their own paper. For problems they may have missed they are expected to figure out what they did incorrect or ask me or a fellow student for assistance.

            This year I have 'Flipped' PreAlgebra (8th Grade) as well as the first semester of Algebra 1 and Geometry. The improvement in student scores after their first assessment (test) is noteworthy. The percent of improvement for Algebra was 74% this year in the Flipped classroom and 40% last year in the Traditional classroom. The percent of improvement for Geometry was 119% this year in the Flipped classroom and 51% last year in the Traditional classroom. This percent of improvement is measured on a pretest, which is taken before the instruction for the Chapter is given and a post test, which is given after the instruction for the Chapter.

            I believe this shows 'by the numbers' a significant level of improvement with the 'Flipped Classroom'. There was enough will plan on Flipping the 7th Grade and Algebra 2 next year.

            At this point the 7th Grade and Algebra 2 classes are Traditional and moving along. In 7th Grade they are working with Mathematical Operations on Fractions and Decimals. The Algebra 2 class is working on Linear Equations. Consumer Math is working on Budgeting while Problem Solving is working with Matrix Logic.

            As always, if you have any questions you can contact me at school at 660-643-7411 or email