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Mrs. Gander - Kindergarten

Kindergarten designed robots using shapes and an app then designed their robots using recyclable materials.



Kindergarten and First Grade worked along side the Garden Club to plant flowers around the community. 
Thank You to the Garden Club for allowing us this opportunity and providing each child with a flower.

Kindergarten at the Egg Hunt

This week Kindergarten students read books about animals and their habitats. They used the text to ask and answer questions about animal homes and wrote an explanatory sentence. We ended the unit with a habitats STEM activity. Kindergarten students found an animal in a magazine, researched their animal and created its natural environment.



Kindergarten students engineered a leprechaun trap as part of a STEM project. The class read the book “How to Trap a Leprechaun” by Sue Fliess. From there they took part in a planning process, made a list and gathered materials to design their trap. They are anxiously awaiting the return from Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day.