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Mrs. Madison

Third Grade News

   The new year has started off on a roll. In math we are moving into multiplication and division, continuing with story problems, and mastering our fractions. In reading we are still working on the elements of a story, reading and comprehending the point of view from the author, and answering with text evidence. We are also completing our Young Author stories and illustrations. In science and social studies we are working on research projects. We have so far each completed information on a state and an animal and its habitat.

   The students are all busy as beavers working on these projects as well as learning to make good use of their time. I am very proud of all their hard work. We are looking forward to our Valentine's Day party and making our sacks at school.

   Thanks parents for all of your hard work and time you have been investing. It is paying off. I am seeing great rea scores, amazing writing, and math facts being mastered!

Mrs. Madison