Enrollment Information


Elementary Parents

-Supplies need to be brought in a box and staff will take it to your child’s classroom

-If your child has received any new shots please bring updated shot records

PK Parents

-Shot Records  and Birth Certificates will be needed on enrollment day if you haven’t already given them during Preschool Screening. 


Jr. High/High School

-Lockers will be assigned by Mr. Sisson

-We will allot 15 minutes for students to decorate lockers and drop off supplies. Once time is up they will be asked to leave. 

-If your child has received any new shots please bring updated shot records

-If your child will be driving to school this year you must provide proof of insurance and a valid drivers license. 


Enrollment forms will be posted online. If you choose to, you can print them and fill them out at home but we ask that you turn them in during one of the enrollment days.  If you choose to attend the enrollment day at the school, we ask that you fill them out while you are here and do not take them home. 


We will be social distancing during enrollment and adults must wear a mask while in the school. 


Hume School District Mckinney Vento Information
        Our district is dedicated to making sure all students have equal education opportunities. If you have questions regarding the districts Mckinney Vento policies, please contact the Hume School District homeless liaison, Colby Sisson, at 660-643-7411 or email [email protected]
 All Hume R-8 staff was trained in the Title IX Compliance Overview module provided by Safe Schools. Staff must have a passing score of 85% to be certified. 

Training received: https://dese.mo.gov/quality-schools/federal-programs/homeless/forms-presentations-data

Hume School District MOCAP Requirements
In order to take dual credit/enrollment courses a student must abide by the following criteria:
    • Have a minimum of 90% attendance
    • Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA
    • Score the state minimum on their ACT in that given field to enroll in dual credit courses
Edmentum is Hume School District's online course provider. If a student wishes to take courses through Edmentum the student must meet all criteria and abide by the following rules:
    • Maintain 90% attendance
    • If the course is offered by Hume School District the student must enroll in the regular education classroom
    • If a student fails an online course they will no longer be eligible to take online courses.
Edmentum offers students the option to take Advanced Placement courses. Students must meet the following requirements;
    • Maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA
    • Pass the regular education course as a precursor
    • Achieve a score of Advanced on the EOC
Section 161.670, RSMo, outlines the requirements for MOCAP, including that schools must inform parents about the program (Section 161.670.4, RSMo). Below is the link for more information regarding district requirements:

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