Math - Mrs. Yarick

Hello All Parents of Students of Flipped Classes at Hume R-8,

This is completely OPTIONAL for your student.

This email is going out to all parents who have students in one of my Flipped Classes, PreAlgebra (8th), Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II. In each of these classes the fourth quarter has at least one significant topic which we will not address in school this year. Your student will have a subsequent class where they will be expected to know this material. During that subsequent class, this will result in more intense learning at that time for your student. I am providing the remainder of the school year’s video lectures in Google Classroom, the same method that was used during the school year. I strongly recommend your student also do the practice assignment at the end of each video, without practice they will not retain much of the learning. This will provide your student with the opportunity to continue to learn the material expected in their course of study.

This is not required course work; it will NOT be for a grade. It provides an opportunity for your student to not fall behind. It is fully optional, a choice for you and your student to determine if you want to proceed.

If you and your student decide to proceed:

            Have them watch the video.

            Do the assignment.

            Email me the assignment, I will grade the assignment and provide feedback.

            These assignments will NOT be entered into the grade book.

Most of the students do not have their math books at home. You will need to contact Mr. Hart, either by email or school phone to coordinate picking up their math resources from school.

If you have any questions please ask, through email or find me on facebook.

Be Safe,

Mrs. Yarick,

Math 8-12, Hume R-8