Character Education/Social Emotional Learning

Character ed is about teaching children the core values we all need to cooperate and keep our society running smoothly. Character education focuses on good morals-- like respect, responsibility, honesty, caring, and fairness-- that a society needs for people to live and work together peacefully.

Here at Hume R-8 we believe that character development is paramount in developing healthy values.  It is our goal to encourage positive qualities so that students will develop good character, make appropriate choices, and be effective leaders.  To help build our character program we will focus on a specific character trait each month.  We will learn to identify the specific qualities that are exhibited by people with these traits in their daily lives, in and outside of school.

Character Trait of the Month:

September - Respect

October - Responsibility

November - Citizenship

December - Kindness

January - Honesty

February - Perseverance

March - Fairness

April - Self-Control

Throughout the month, staff members will be on the lookout for students who are exhibiting positive character in our school.  Students who have exhibited these traits throughout the month will be recognized from each class, K through 12th grade, as our Character Kid of the Month.